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Nils Richter LLC

Licensed Realtor FL3223821

Barclays Real Estate Group

Buying / Selling / Leasing / Development

With close to 30 years of overall experience in commercial and residential Real Estate I am as comfortable as capable in representing buyers, developers, and owners / sellers of real estate in all aspects of the acquisitions, development, sales or valuation of their properties.

My specialties on the commercial side are mixed-use (office / retail / multifamily / hospitality) buildings and developments and high-end / waterfront condominiums as well as custom single family homes on the residential side. Most agents excel in one field or the other, I always enjoyed both sides due to the construction knowledge I can bring to the table.

If you need assistance in the purchase  / valuation & negotiation, the exit strategies, development opportunities and sales representation for any property of that kind, I am looking forward to having a conversation with you.

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